Tropical Trail Mix

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Delicious blend of our tropical fruit world treasures. A mix of chocolate coated fruits from our farm, and Northern Rivers macadamias. Every bag of Tropical Trail Mix is carefully prepared by our dedicated production team at Tropical Fruit World. The perfect on-the-go treat or a delicious addition to your day, and it's all made with love from our community to yours.

Handcrafted: What makes this product even more special is that our production team at Tropical Fruit World handles crafting each batch of Chocolate-Coated Macadamias. Here, they carefully coat each macadamia with a layer of creamy chocolate. 

Supporting Local Communities: When you choose our chocolate coated Macadamias, you're not only indulging in an exceptional snack; you're also supporting local farmers in the Northern Rivers region. By selecting macadamias that are locally sourced, we strive to strengthen the communities that cultivate these extraordinary farm produce. It's a small way to make a big impact.

Comes in 250gm packet. 

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