Weekly Farmers Markets

Every Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00 am, Tropical Fruit World's grounds transform into a vibrant farmer's market.

This gathering spotlights local artisans, making it your go-to destination for weekend gourmet ingredients. Featuring renowned local vendors like Jumping Red Ant, Sylva Linings Organics, Ethical Sustainable Produce, and Baked at Ancora, it promises a cornucopia of fresh, local finds.

Aymon Gow, our General Manager, shares the enthusiasm: "Being farmers, we're driven to offer the finest produce to our community. This market embodies that spirit." Elke Robinson, our Market Manager, envisions a lively, inclusive community: "Our dedicated stallholders and entertainers collectively elevate the market's ambiance, making it a weekly must-visit." We're on the lookout for more stallholders, and guess what? It’s completely free to join us! Interested? Drop us a line at farmersmarket@tropicalfruitworld.com.au.