Dried Papaya Leaf Tea

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At Tropical Fruit World, we take pride in bringing you the vibrant flavors and health benefits of the fruits and produce from our farm. Our farm-grown, Papaya Leaf is grown and harvested from our very own farm and dried by our dedicated farm production chefs in our on site farm production facility. 

The leaves are harvested at their peak to capture the full depth of flavor. The papaya leaf is renowned for its remarkable health benefits, and we've harnessed this natural power for your benefit.  

Flavour: Our tea leaves offer a unique flavor that is perfect for any time of the day. A subtle, yet distinctive taste of papaya. Enjoy it as a standalone brew or add some farm honey to sweeten. 

Uses & Benefits

  • Enzyme & Antioxidant Rich: Our Dried Papaya Tea Leaves are rich in antioxidants and vital nutrients. Dried Papaya Leaf has been found to contain many beneficial enzymes and phytochemicals. 
  • Digestion Support: The leaves contain fiber, which promotes good digestive health, and an enzyme called papain, known for breaking down proteins into more digestible forms. Commonly used to help with digestive issues including gas, bloating and heartburn. 
  • Skin & Hair: Papaya leaves have been thought to promote healthy skin and hair due to their amino acid content which has been known to enhance skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging. 
  • Anti-inflammatory & Immune Booster: Being so nutrient-rich, papaya leaf tea can strengthen the immune system, helping the body ward off infections and illnesses. Due to it's anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing benefits, dried papaya leaf has been used to assist in treating inflammation, ulcers, allergies, digestion and even thought to help prevent and treat cancer. 
  • Pure and Natural: Our dried tea leaves are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives. Our drying technique ensures the enzymes and nutrients stay intact unlike most dried fruit and tea alternatives you can buy at your local supermarket. 

Supporting Sustainable Farming: By choosing our Papaya Leaf Tea, you're supporting sustainable farming practices and helping to preserve the natural beauty of our farm.


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