After meeting our farm animals, board the MV Water Dragon and enjoy our scenic wildlife boat cruise. On this journey you will learn from your tour guide about the waterways, plants (including our native ginger which is crucial to providing erosion control), and animals who call the waterway home.

Keep an eye out for turtles, ducks, water dragons and on the rare occasion, you may even spot a koala sleeping in a nearby tree.

The valley that forms our waterway is home to 86 species of native birds that call this picturesque landscape home.

The wildlife boat cruise takes place on the head of the Cudgen creek, our water on the farm comes from 7 springs that flow from the valley. 3 springs feed our irrigation dam, 1 feeding our potable water well and 3 feeding the head of the Cudgen creek that we cruise on day to day on the MV Water dragon.

Our founder Bob Brinsmead has said on many an occasion that "water is the life of the party on the farm" and without the special geology that provides our 7 springs, this irreplaceable farm could not exist.

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