Long Table Lunch in the Orchards

Long Table Lunch in the Orchards

Immerse yourself in a one of a kind dining experience amongst the Tropical Fruit World Orchards, hosted by Kiff & Culture.

This alfresco dining experience presents a shared banquet, expertly curated by a renowned local chef. Each dish is a celebration of the freshest ingredients, sourced directly from the orchards around you and nearby farms, highlighting our commitment to community, sustainability and fresh ingredients.

This adventure is further enriched by a selection of locally crafted beverages. Savour the distinctive flavours of the region, from crisp beers embodying the local essence to handcrafted gins and rums.

The uniqueness of this experience lies in dining amidst the orchards, where the produce on your plate is harvested, offering an authentic farm-to-table journey.

Enquire or book here through our partners Kiff & Culture.