About Tropical Fruit World

More than a tourist attraction, and more than a commercial farm, Tropical Fruit World is a labor of love, a fruit farm of inimitable value. Complete with a Biological Sustainable Horticulture philosophy, this family owned heritage business takes seriously their custodianship of the land as they seek to educate, share and unlock nature’s secrets with visitors, community and family alike. Since 1983, Tropical Fruit World (formerly Avocadoland) has trail blazed in linking fruit farming with tourism.

Set amongst rainforest, water catchments and the rolling volcanic mineral soil from the caldera of Mount Warning, this working fruit farm is situated in the prime environment to grow over 500 fruits from right throughout the world. The Tropical Fruit World brand encompasses guided tours and tastings, a farm owned fruit market Plantation Markets, and a regional dining and event venue Plantation House, coupled with a unique collection of skincare and food products The Plantation Collection.

The property was purchased by robert & VALORIE Brinsmead in 1972 as a run-down small crop farm that had been given over to grazing. Bob was fully aware of the land’s fruit growing potential though, and the location offered breathtaking views of the Tweed Valley to the West, and the Pacific Ocean to the East.  

The family plan was to grow tropical fruit on the red soil hills, while preserving areas of the original forest and the natural beauty of the land.  Bob started planting lots of avocados.  He also enlisted the enthusiastic help of his children, and together they nurtured orchards of custard apples, bananas, mangos, lychees, guavas, macadamias, papaya …. the collection grew, and over the years the plantation became a fascination for an endless stream of visiting friends and family.  

And so, “Avocadoland” opened its gates as a tourist attraction for the first time in 1983.

This labour of love continued to grow (literally), and the property boasts hundreds of species of tropical fruit from all over the World.  Today three generations of the Brinsmead family are involved in the continued success of this commercial farm and tourist attraction now known as Tropical Fruit World.   Founder Bob’s eldest child Judith Brinsmead took over the running of the property in 1990.  Bob’s grandson Tom Hill has also inherited a keen interest in the diverse facets of the agri-tourism business.

A dedicated team of 40 staff not only nurture the farm, but also provide guests services including guided tours, café dining, and specialist retail.    As the farm business diversifies, the family continues to focus on best practice environmentally sustainable farming methods – practices promoted by the Founder for more than 30 years.  

Tropical Fruit World has now welcomed more than 2 million visitors through the farm gates, and continues to celebrate nature’s glory and a love of the land.