White Chocolate Dragonfruit & Raspberry Bark

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Introducing Tropical Fruit World's White Chocolate Farm Dragonfruit and Raspberry Bark. A delicious and unique snack experience that captures the essence of our farm paradise. Combining the exotic allure of dragonfruit sourced directly from our own farm with the sweetness of raspberries, all enveloped in creamy white chocolate.

Fruit: What makes this treat truly exceptional is that the dragonfruit is grown and harvested right here, ensuring freshness and authenticity. Our premium white chocolate bark, infused with the vibrant flavors of dragon fruit and raspberries, is carefully crafted locally, exclusively for Tropical Fruit World.

Flavour: The unique combination of creamy, roasted macadamias and silky-smooth dark chocolate creates a delicious treat. As you take each bite, you'll experience a symphony of sweetness and crunch, making these treats a blissful escape from the ordinary.

100 gm 

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