Farm Grown Mulberry Jam

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Discover the rich and delicious flavour of our farm-grown, handcrafted Mulberry Jam.

Bursting with the authentic essence of sun-ripened mulberries, our jam is a labour of love, with the mulberries handpicked at the peak of ripeness and carefully transformed on site by our production chefs into a masterpiece that captures the very essence of the orchard.

Pure Ingredients: We believe in simple, honest ingredients. Our Mulberry Jam is made with only the finest mulberries, sugar, and a touch of lemon juice - no artificial additives, preservatives, or flavourings.

Ways to Enjoy

  • Toast: Wake up to the day with a dollop of our Mulberry Jam on your morning toast or croissant. Its natural sweetness will make your breakfast a delightful experience.
  • Yogurt: Add a layer of Mulberry Jam to your yogurt for a burst of fruity goodness and a beautiful, natural color.
  • Baking: add it to muffins, cakes and other baking recipes for a delicious sweet hint of mulberry.
  • Cheese Platter: Elevate your cheese platter by pairing our Mulberry Jam with your favourite cheeses. The combination of sweet and savory is pure delight.
  • Dessert Topping: Drizzle our Mulberry Jam over ice cream, panna cotta, or cheesecake to add a burst of flavour and a touch of elegance to your desserts.
  • Glaze for Meat: Use our jam as a glaze for roasted meats like chicken, duck, or pork. The sweet-tart notes create a tantalizing contrast.
  • Cocktail Mixer: Get creative with your cocktails by using our Mulberry Jam as a mixer. It adds a unique twist to classic drinks like mojitos and margaritas.
  • Gift Giving: Share the joy of our Mulberry Jam by gifting it to friends and loved ones. It's a thoughtful and delicious present that brings a taste of the orchard to any receiver. 


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