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Presenting our trio of botanical powders that encapsulate the essence of our tropical haven – Lemon Myrtle Powder, Davidson Plum Powder, and Moringa Leaf Powder all harvested from our farm and crafted with care by our chefs in our production facility. These powders are designed to elevate your dishes, while providing vibrancy of tropical flavours and colours, and most importantly each have incredible wellness benefits.

Lemon Myrtle Powder: Derived from the native Australian Lemon Myrtle tree, our Lemon Myrtle Powder presents a zesty, refreshing aroma, reminiscent of lemongrass with a hint of eucalyptus. Bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants, it not only invigorates your senses but also supports your immune system. Enjoy it by:

  • Seasoning: Add a pinch of Lemon Myrtle Powder to your fish or chicken marinades for a zingy twist.
  • Tea Blends: Infuse your teas with its citrusy kick, or simply add a dash to hot water for a revitalizing herbal tea.

Davidson Plum Powder: Indigenous to the rainforests of Australia, Davidson Plum Powder boasts an irresistible tartness that is both unique and exotic. Packed with anthocyanins, this superfruit promises a burst of flavours and essential nutrients. Savour it by:

  • Smoothies: Blend it into your morning smoothie for a tangy and antioxidant-rich boost.
  • Desserts: Enhance your desserts, such as yogurt or ice cream, with this vibrant powder for a delightful twist.

Moringa Leaf Powder: Moringa Leaf Powder, dubbed the "miracle tree," is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Grown in the heart of our tropical oasis, it is the epitome of health and wellness. Enjoy it in:

  • Smoothie Bowls: Sprinkle Moringa Leaf Powder on your acai or smoothie bowls for a nutrient-packed start to your day.
  • Savory Dishes: Incorporate it into soups, stews, or sauces for an earthy, nutrient-rich flavor.

Did You Know?

  • Lemon Myrtle is revered by Indigenous Australians for its therapeutic properties and is cherished for its natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities.
  • Davidson Plum is a native Australian fruit with three unique species, each offering a distinct flavor profile ranging from rich and winey to tangy and sweet.
  • Moringa, often called the "drumstick tree," is one of the most nutrient-dense plants globally, containing seven times more vitamin C than oranges, four times more calcium than milk, and four times more vitamin A than carrots.

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