Pineapple and Farm Passionfruit Jam

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This heavenly, chunky fusion of sweet, juicy Aussie grown pineapples and the exotic zing of our farm grown passionfruit delivers a delicious vibrant flavour. Each jar of our Pineapple and Passionfruit Jam is a testament to the authentic flavors of the tropics. We handpick the ripest passionfruit from our very own orchards, ensuring that every spoonful bursts with genuine, sun-kissed sweetness.

Ways to Enjoy

  • Toast: Kickstart your morning with a tropical twist. Slather this jam on warm, buttered toast, scone or croissant.
  • Pancakes and Waffles: Elevate your weekend breakfast by adding a dollop of this jam to your fluffy pancakes or crispy waffles. 
  • Mix into Yogurt: Transform plain yogurt into a tropical treat by mixing in our jam. Add granola and fresh fruit for an exotic breakfast or snack.
  • Glaze for Meat: Use our jam as a glaze for chicken, pork, or seafood. It adds a delightful sweet and tangy note to your dishes.
  • Pair with Cheese: Create a cheese platter by pairing our jam with your favourite cheeses. The sweet and zesty flavors complement cheeses beautifully.
  • Bake into Desserts: Elevate your desserts by using our jam as a filling for pastries, tarts, or cakes. The tropical notes will make your creations irresistible.
  • Cocktail Mixer: Elevate your cocktail game by adding a spoonful of our jam to your drinks. It's a fantastic addition to cocktails or mocktails. 

190 gm

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