Dried Farm Grown Tangelo

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At Tropical Fruit World, we take pride in bringing you the vibrant flavours of our farm. Our farm-grown, hand-made, dried tangelo is a true testament to the exotic allure of our property. This product is created by our dedicated farm chefs in our on-site production facility. 

Flavour: Grown with love on our farm, tangelos are the magical offspring of tangerines and grapefruits, offering a unique blend of sweet and tangy flavours. Our orchards provide the perfect winter climate for these citrus gems.

Pure and Natural: Our dried fruits are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives, ensuring a wholesome and unadulterated snacking experience. Our drying technique ensures the fruit enzymes and nutrients stay intact unlike most dried fruit alternatives you can buy at your local supermarket. This product is gluten free, sulphur free, preservative free and high in fibre.

Hand-Made with Care: Our skilled production chefs hand-cut and dehydrate each piece with precision and love, ensuring that you get the best of the fruit's natural flavours, aroma, and nutrients. This hands-on approach guarantees a superior product that retains the tangelo taste.

How to enjoy

  • Charcuterie Elegance: Elevate your cheese and charcuterie boards with your dried tangelo slices. They add a burst of colour and zesty flavour that complements various cheeses, meats, and crackers.
  • Baking Brilliance: Incorporate our dried tangelos into your baking endeavours. From muffins and cakes to granola bars, these tangelo's infuse your recipes with a delightful citrusy note.
  • Cocktail Garnish: Garnish your cocktails and mocktails with our dried tangelos for an instant burst of tropical freshness. They add a splash of flavour and a tropical twist to your drinks.
  • Cooking: Experiment with our dried tangelo in your savoury dishes. They pair wonderfully with poultry, fish, and even salads, imparting a fruity brightness to your culinary creations.
  • Topper: Slice up and toss these dried tangelos into salads, yogurt or on top of cereal for a zesty twist. They also make an excellent addition to baked goods like muffins and cookies.

Tangelo Fruit Facts:

  • Tangelos are renowned for their exceptional juiciness and unique balance of sweet and tangy flavours.
  • They are a great source of vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants.
  • The name "tangelo" is derived from "tangerine" and "pomelo," the parent fruits from which tangelos are bred.


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