Water: The Lifeline of Our Farm
December 06, 2023

Water: The Lifeline of Our Farm

At the core of our thriving farm lies an element more precious than gold: water. Our founder, Bob, often emphasises the importance of water on our farm, calling it the 'life of the party.' Without access to water, our plants wouldn't thrive, leading to no fruit, and ultimately, no farm. Without it, our dreamland of fruits would be non existent.

Here at Tropical Fruit World, every drop of water counts. Our water comes from seven natural springs located throughout the property. Three of these springs feed our irrigation dam, one feeds our potable water well, and three feed into the head of the Cudgen Creek. Our orchards and roads are carefully designed to divert excess water not absorbed by our top soil and mulch into gutters, which then channels runoff into our dams and canals.

Our orchards and pathways are more than just scenery—they're smart designs that guide water into gutters and canals. This ensures every precious drop is harnessed efficiently. To prevent erosion, we've formed the soil to run storm water down the grass covered compact more clay like soil of the orchard inter rows. The work done in the dry spring prevents damage to the land during the December and January wet season here on the Tweed, peak daily rainfall can reach over 500mm.  

Our farm is home to five water storage locations collectively holding up to 20 million litres. As water journeys through our riparian zones, Bob has strategically planted a variety of native plants, including melaleuca, native hibiscus, and native ginger which act as natural silt traps, capturing debris and filtering the water before it is stored. 

Sunshine powers our water movement! Thanks to cutting-edge solar technology, our efficient solar pumps distribute water across the farm with green energy.

From our irrigation dam, we are able to pump water to our orchards which is released through a drip irrigation system, operating beneath the protective mulch, ensuring water is efficiently absorbed by the tree roots. Our drip irrigation delivers approximately 12-14 litres per hour to each tree. Our farmers carefully calculate the orchards' water requirements, setting precise start and stop times for the drip irrigation. This meticulous approach ensures our crops receive just the right amount of water, keeping them vibrant and thriving and minimises water wastage.  

What truly sets Tropical Fruit World apart is our idyllic coastal location, the fertile embrace of our rich red volcanic soil, and our mastery in harvesting every drop of rain and spring water. This harmonious trio is our recipe for success, yielding fruits that burst with flavour and quality, all while we lovingly nurture our planet's most vital resource - water.