Tropical Fruits 101: A Guide to the Exotic Summer Fruits at Tropical Fruit World
December 15, 2023

Tropical Fruits 101: A Guide to the Exotic Summer Fruits at Tropical Fruit World

It's the most wonderful time of the year…and we’re not talking about Christmas…

Summer is here! and it's not just the sunshine that's making things bright and beautiful at our orchards. This is the season when our fields come alive with the most extensive range of farm-grown, tropical fruits.

From the creamy texture of Mamey Sapote, the zesty zing of Finger Limes, to the rich coloured dragonfruit varieties, our orchard is a treasure trove for fruit lovers. To celebrate, we want to share some tips on how to select, store and eat our favourite summer fruits.

Selecting the Perfect Fruit:

  1. Soursop: A ripe soursop feels soft to the touch, especially towards the base. The skin may appear slightly bumpy and yield to gentle pressure.
  2. Mangos: To find the perfect mango, trust your nose; a ripe mango emits a sweet, fragrant aroma at the stem end. Look for a slight give when pressed gently and a skin boasting vibrant shades of red, orange, or yellow.
  3. Lychees: Seek out lychees with bright red or pink skin, a sign they're ripe for the picking. These fruits should feel firm yet slightly yielding to pressure, with a mostly smooth exterior. Avoid any with a dull colour.
  4. Mamey Sapote: This unique fruit should feel slightly soft when ripe, with a skin that's a mix of brown and pink. Its earthy sweetness intensifies when fully ripe.
  5. Green Sapote: Similar to Mamey, look for a bit of softness. It's ripe when the skin yields to gentle pressure, revealing a rich, avocado-like texture inside.
  6. Finger Limes: These intriguing fruits should be firm and heavy for their size. Choose ones with bright, unblemished skin. When cut open, they reveal delightful caviar-like pearls bursting with citrus flavor.
  7. Pink Dragon Fruit: Select ones that are bright and evenly coloured with slight give when pressed. The skin should be smooth without too many brown spots or dry leaves.
  8. Malay Purple Dragon Fruit: Look for a vibrant purple hue and a slight softness, indicating it's ready to eat. The skin should be fairly even in colour, with minimal blemishes.

Storing your Fruit:

Mangos, Lychees, and Dragon Fruits: Keep at room temperature until ripe, then refrigerate to prolong freshness. Mangos and lychees last about a week, while dragon fruits can stay fresh for slightly longer.

Mamey Sapote and Green Sapote: Store these at room temperature until they yield slightly to pressure, then refrigerate.

Finger Limes: Refrigerate immediately. They can last for a couple of weeks in a breathable container.

Soursop: Best consumed soon after purchase, but can be refrigerated for a few days if necessary.

Savour the Summertime Flavours:

Mamey Sapote and Green Sapote: Enjoy these creamy fruits by scooping out the flesh. They're fantastic in smoothies or as a topping for ice cream.

Finger Limes: Squeeze these over fish, salads, or cocktails for a burst of tangy flavor.

Soursop: Blend into smoothies, make into ice creams, or simply eat with a spoon. Its unique flavor is a mix of strawberry and pineapple with citrus undertones.

Dragon Fruit: Slice and eat fresh, blend into a smoothie, or add to salads. Their mild sweetness pairs well with other fruits.

This summer, as you wander through the vibrant Tropical Fruit World Fruit Market, or explore our farm on our award-winning farm tour, let your senses guide you to the best picks of the season. Each of our farm grown fruits offer a unique taste of our tropical farm.

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