Propagating Lychees: A Guide to Our Nursery's Marcotting Method
February 26, 2024

Propagating Lychees: A Guide to Our Nursery's Marcotting Method

At Tropical Fruit World, we're excited to share the journey of preparing lychee trees for sale through a unique propagation process known as marcotting. This technique allows us to cultivate new plants directly from branches while they're still part of the parent plant, encouraging roots to form on the branch itself.

Marcotting offers the advantage of cloning the parent plant, ensuring that each new lychee tree is a mature, thriving variety identical to its source. This method is particularly beneficial for those looking to add a fruit-bearing tree to their garden quickly, as it significantly reduces the time to fruit maturity. 

The Marcotting Process:

  1. Selection: We start by selecting a healthy branch from a lychee tree.
  2. Preparation: A section of the branch's bark is carefully removed to expose the cambium layer.
  3. Application: Hormone gel is applied to this section to stimulate root growth, followed by wrapping it in a bag filled with growing media.
  4. Root Development: The branch remains attached to the parent plant until the bag is full of roots.
  5. Harvest: Once fully rooted, the branch is cut from the tree, resulting in a robust lychee tree ready to thrive in its new home.

Thanks to marcotting, our customers can enjoy the benefits of purchasing lychee trees that are not only mature but capable of bearing fruit within a year of planting.

These lychee beauties are now flourishing and available for purchase at our Farm Nursery. Visit us at Tropical Fruit World to discover how you can bring a taste of our delicious farm lychees into your own backyard. 🌱

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