Meet Our Farmers: The Faces Behind Tropical Fruit World's Beautiful Farm and Tasty Produce
November 07, 2023

Meet Our Farmers: The Faces Behind Tropical Fruit World's Beautiful Farm and Tasty Produce

Welcome to the Tropical Fruit World Journal — your personal inside look into our family run farm.

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off on this fun and informative journey than by first introducing you to the very heart of our operation—our farmers. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of our lush, bountiful orchards and the reason you enjoy our mouth-watering, nutrient-rich fruits. It's their stories, passion, and unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical farming that make Tropical Fruit World a unique and treasured destination.

The Hands and Hearts Nurturing Our Paradise

Our farm thrives thanks to a dynamic team of passionate individuals, each playing a crucial role in bringing the Tropical Fruit World experience to you:

  • Nathan Wilson and Hugo Jones are our adept farm fruit pickers and pruners, ensuring our plants are healthy and well-groomed. Their expertise in mulching pruning’s and ground maintenance ensures our farm remains a vibrant paradise.
  • Maggie Bourdon and Isaac Dodd work tirelessly in the fields, harvesting a rich variety of exotic fruits. Maggie doubles as a meticulous fruit grader and packhouse assistant, guaranteeing the quality of our produce.
  • Sudarshan Sidhu tends to our banana orchards with a keen eye, ensuring each banana that reaches you is of the finest quality.
  • Seth Alroy, a diligent farm hand, works hand in hand with our team, playing a versatile role in the day-to-day operations.
  • Ky Finselback and Kain Thorn are our landscapers and groundskeepers, the artists behind our beautiful gardens and the well-maintained Plantation House, ensuring every visitor is greeted with breathtaking views and pristine surroundings.

And of course our indispensable Farm Supervisors Joey and Brodie. Both natives of the picturesque Tweed Valley, they have cultivated a deep-rooted connection to this land and their passion for the farm and produce is visible in the passionate and infectious energy they both bring to their roles everyday.

Joseph Smith: Our Go-To Fruit Guru and Heartbeat of the Packhouse.

You can often spot Joey with a friendly smile, in our fruit market chatting with customers about interesting fruit facts, or navigating the orchestrated chaos of the packhouse during harvests. Joey has become a staple figure not just in our farm but extending to local cafes, restaurants retailers, and markets weaving connections that enable our fresh produce to grace tables across the entire east coast of Australia.

Joey's is the guardian of freshness and quality at TFW, overseeing processes from cold room rotations to orchestrating the perfect ripening cycle in our specialised rooms. But his responsibilities stretch far beyond the packhouse, involving irrigation strategies, water management, and nurturing new expanses of our orchards.

Brodie Crowther: Our Orchard Whisperer & Growing Guru

If you’ve ever wondered why our fruits burst with flavour, thank Brodie, our soil management expert. Along with his expertise in orchard health, nutrition, pruning techniques and pest management, Brodie is deeply passionate about soil health and its relationship to nutritious produce. Brodie is our go-to for keeping a close eye on the fruit trees and what they’re doing at every moment in time, ensuring they’re always being given the highest level of care in order to offer us the most delicious and generous yield.

Our Buzzing Helpers: The Unsung Heroes of the Farm

Our farm is a living, breathing entity, with bees playing a pivotal role in this intricate ecosystem. These little maestros not only aid in pollinating our exotic fruits but provide the delicious honey available in our store.

Where Every Element Comes Together

At Tropical Fruit World, every individual, from farmers to our buzzing helpers, contributes to crafting a colourful, dynamic workplace that is our farm. Together, we nurture this paradise, bringing you fruits ripe with love and dedication.

Plan Your Visit

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