Celebrate Avocado Season at Tropical Fruit World: Fresh Picks and Fun Await!
March 04, 2024

Celebrate Avocado Season at Tropical Fruit World: Fresh Picks and Fun Await!

As March rolls in, it's time to rejoice for all the avocado lovers out there because the much-awaited avocado season is upon us!

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Australia's Tweed Valley, our orchards are alive with the vibrant display of greens as avocados ripen on the trees, ready to delight taste buds around Australia. Our dedicated farmers have already begun harvesting the Shepard and Fuerte avocado varieties, marking the start of a promising harvest.

Harvest Highlights: We anticipate a bountiful farm harvest of over 100 tonnes of avocados this year! We invite you to visit us at Tropical Fruit World to experience the freshest avocados directly from the source. Bursting with flavour and nutritional goodness in our fruit tasting experience, at our farm café, ice creamery, or grab one of our famous $10 avo buckets from our fruit market. These avocado offerings, are not only great value at this time of year, but allow you to savour the freshness and quality of our produce like you can’t experience from your regular supermarket produce.

The Abundant Yield and Uniqueness of Our Land: The Tweed Valley's unique climate and fertile volcanic soil, stemming from the ancient caldera of Mount Warning, provide the perfect conditions for our 18 avocado varieties From the plump reed variety, buttery Sharwill, creamy Pinkerton, or the all popular Hass (just to name a few), each avocado is a testament to the rich, nutrient-packed soil that enhances their flavour and nutritional content.

The Legacy of Avocadoland: What began as 'Avocadoland' by our founder Bob has evolved into a thriving avocado haven. Bob's pioneering spirit and dedication to avocado farming have blossomed into a legacy that continues to thrive. Today, we honor this legacy by providing the finest avocados from the heart of Tweed Valley. Hand-picked at peak ripeness, ensuring a flavour-packed experience for avocado enthusiasts.

Explore Our Avocado-Inspired Products: Visit our Fruit Market for our renowned $10 avocado buckets, indulge in avocado-themed specials at our café, or treat your skin with our organic avocado skincare range Tropicology. Our Gift Market also features unique items like the Avocado Dip Pack, showcasing the best of our produce.

Join Us This Avo Season: We invite you to celebrate the avocado season at Tropical Fruit World. Whether picking up fresh produce, enjoying a meal in our treetop café, or exploring our markets, discover why our avocados are a slice of paradise.