Chrissy Marten – Retail Manager

A dynamic and spirited force at Tropical Fruit World, Chrissy Marten joined our team in 2019 and has since become an indispensable part of our daily retail operations. With her keen focus on delivering unparalleled customer service, Chrissy uplifts both staff and guests with her positive energy.

Her roots in surf retail align well with her current role, allowing her to blend her love for the outdoors with her career. Always eager to learn, Chrissy continues to explore the rich agricultural and tourism possibilities that our beautiful region offers. Her blend of operational acumen and genuine interest in people makes her the go-to person for fostering a great team environment.

Hobbies: When she’s not ensuring everything runs smoothly at TFW, Chrissy enjoys basking in beach time and sunshine, staying fit with cross-fit and group fitness training, and reconnecting with nature.

Chrissy’s fruity faves are the Achacha, this fruit is sweet with a bit of a sour tang like a mango or peach as well as the delicious Lychee and Mulberry.

Chrissy's passion for top-notch service and community building truly sets the bar high, making her a pivotal piece in our ongoing mission to offer an unforgettable experience at Tropical Fruit World.