Taking the guess work out of pest management!


Insect pests cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage and loss every year to Australian Agriculture. The trouble with managing this is that insects are very small and very mobile.

RapidAIM is a unique automated insect monitoring system that aims to shine a light on insect pests.

Developed by former CSIRO scientists, RapidAIM is a real-time solution for early detection and targeted control of insect pests.  The team have combined their knowledge of insect pest ecology with sensor technology to provide real-time fruit fly detection straight into the hands of farmers and biosecurity agencies.

Fruit fly is the first application of the technology; a pest that is highly mobile, can reproduce rapidly, and cause damage quickly. 

 The sensors work by detecting the “behavioural fingerprints” of fruit flies. Once a fly enters a trap, it is identified as a fruit fly and its location is communicated to an end user through an easy-to-use mobile phone app.

The RapidAIM team are very grateful for the ongoing support from Tropical Fruit World. This is a wonderful example of Australian small businesses working together for the benefit of food and fibre production globally.



Hole digging_hi.jpg

Since our early years as “Avocado Land”, this property has been renowned for its avocado production. We currently grow 18 different varieties of avocado – giving us a long season that in good weather extends from March to November. 

A few of our 2,500 avocado trees are estimated to be more than 60 years old, and are still producing fruit.  However, our newest orchard plantings will ensure continued ‘fruitful’ avocado harvests in the years ahead. These Hass avocados are reliable and hardy, and will produce bountiful crops within 5 years or so.

Guacamole, anyone?

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