Plantation Collection is a selection of Australian made products manufactured by Tropical Fruit World. 

“Tropical Fruit World is more than a tourist attraction, it’s is more than just a commercial farm, this is like a botanical garden of irreplaceable value, this is a property that’s irreplaceable” says Robert Brinsmead, founder of Tropical Fruit World

The biologically sustainable plantation is situated in the hinterland of Kingscliff in NSW. A selection of the worlds finest fruits are grown on the property which has been owned and lovingly cared for by the Brinsmead family for more than 44 years. The unique ecology of the plantation provides an opportunity to grow fruit from throughout the world that is captured in our offerings.

The Plantation Collection is made using the finest quality produce gathered from the plantation at the peak of each season. 

Our aim is to share what we have enjoyed for many years perfecting the flavours, textures and experiences offered in the range. We invite you to explore the Plantation Collection: skincare, dried tropical fruits, leaves and flavoursome jams and condiments all handcrafted for you to enjoy in your home.