4 x whole eggs

1 X bread loaf

1.5 X spoon cinnamon

250g sugar

0.5 of a spoon of vanilla essence

200g x walnuts

120g x sultanas

1 x whole orange - orange rind

250 grams of soft butter 

2 whole chocolate fruit (ripe & soft, should feel like a ripe avocado )

1 litre of good coconut milk

Brandy cream - whipping cream with one nip of good brandy


Start by using older bread or perfect is older fruit toast.

Simply add all ingredients into a bowl mix well and then layer in a small baking dish (save four or five slices for base)

Finally but most importantly.

Take 2 x Chocolate Fruit. Take out the seed and scope out the inside flesh (do not use any green skin). Place with all other ingredients and 1 x litre of good coco nut milk, soak and then place four or five whole slices of your bread on the bottom for the base of your pudding, add the mixture on top , press down the mix so it steams evenly , rub soft butter onto the bottom of your lid or caters foil.

Place your tray into a larger tray or pan with hot water into (water bath) stream it at 180 degrees for 45 to an hour depending on your oven, take foil off for last 15 mins to give it a little crust on top 

Finish off with brandy cream, whisk together, add a little sugar to taste .

Pull out of oven eat & smile - simply delicious

Image shown above served with fresh tropical fruit and chocolate coconut DF ice cream

Taryn Vinson