Chargrilled Vegetable Terrine


2kg of sweet potatoes

2kg of eggplant (1kg saved for smoked eggplant)

3x large fresh beetroot

500g x roasted capsicum

1 x large Pumpkin

Fresh basil 

Fresh mint

Salt & fresh ground pepper to taste 

Olive oil


Cut all vegetables to inch thickness for ease to handle on & off char grill.

Season & chargrill, then place into oven tray cook until soft , but still a little firm.

Spray remaining eggplant with canola spray & cook on open gas flame, or grill until skin is starting to blister & smoked flavour is coming off. Place into bowl, cover with cling wrap, leave for at least an hour to sweat, then pull outside skin off & blend in a food processor, add olive oil & mint, seasoned to taste and set aside.

Line baking tray with cling wrap, start to layer the chargrill vegetables and spread mint, basil leaf & eggplant mix. Layer after layer, place another baking tray on top of the vegetables.

Place in fridge with some weight on top leave for a day, pull out of fridge turn upside down on chopping board, cut into desired size, reheat or severed cold, served with a fresh tossed salad and or grilled halloumi cheese & balsamic glaze.


Taryn Vinson