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HARVEST TRAIL at Tropical Fruit World


On Saturday 4th May, 2019 we welcome the ‘Harvest trail’ to Tropical Fruit World.

We are proud and fortunate to be part of this thriving farming community of Northern Rivers. ⁣

We celebrate our abundant local food and support the local farmers, their fresh produce and the home-grown but world-class products made from it. ⁣

This year’s Harvest Festival will see the return of the Harvest Trail across the Northern Rivers - a self-drive foodie experience where you can jump in your car and leisurely enjoy the whole farm to plate experience.⁣

Saturday 4 May – Harvest Trail. ⁣

The Northern Rivers Food Harvest Festival is all about connecting people with real food on real farms. The Festival provides locals and visitors with an opportunity to sample fresh and beautifully prepared food by renowned local chefs, hear how it is grown and pay homage to our much loved local food producers!⁣

Part of enjoying the food, is knowing the story of understanding where your food was grown, the sustainable methods used to grow or produce the food, the farmer who grew and brought the food to market or the local baker who lovingly baked the bread.⁣

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