29 Duranbah Rd, Duranbah NSW 2487

Who We Are Now

Tropical Fruit World is a successful tourist attraction and commercial farming operation distributing quality tropical fruit produce to interstate markets across the country.  Avocados, sapotes, annonas, bananas carambola and pitaya are among these crops.

Three generations of the Brinsmead family are involved in the continued success of Tropical Fruit World.  Founder Bob's eldest child Judith Brinsmead took over the running of the property in 1990. Bob's grandson Tom Hill has also inherited a keen interest in the diverse facets of the agri-tourism business.


As the property's business model evolves, the family continues to focus on best practice environmentally sustainable farming methods - practices promoted by the Founder of Tropical Fruit World for more than 30 years.  We carefully select water management and soil conservation techniques together with growing, harvesting and packing methods to prevent any adverse impacts on the environment or harm to consumers.  

"We follow the extremely important principle of always observing and working with nature."  - Bruce Fleming, our TFW Environmental Scientist.


Water recycling and conservation is hugely important to us as Australian farmers, and we are completely self sufficient in managing our own water supply.  Mulching,  trickle irrigation, and management of natural springs and catchments are all used here.  

Recycling of organic material makes for best practice in utilizing our natural resources, too.  Tree pruning is a constant maintenance task on the farm.  All prunings are mulched and returned under the trees to provide a thick layer of organic material to break down and enrich the soil naturally.

Companion planting is a technique we use to create beneficial symbiotic relationships between fruit tree species which reduce the adverse impacts of pests and disease. 


Guests do enjoy the 'behind-the-scenes' experience of visiting a genuine commercial farm. However it is the unique collection of more than 500 exotic fruits which is celebrated by visitors from throughout Australia and around the World.   The collection is nurtured by our dedicated team, and continues to grow. Ongoing breeding programs are developing improved fruit varieties for the market and our visitors.  

Current projects include:

  • harvesting of full-sized bananas from dwarf trees;
  • tissue-cloned, heavy cropping Reed, Hass and Shepard avocado plantings;
  • the development of smaller ripening 'crunchy' jakfruit species;
  • cross-breeding programs to improve the colour and flavour of popular pitaya varieties;
We have a year round core staff of 35 employees across our farm, tour, cafe, gift and admin departments,  many of whom are part of the TFW family having worked here for many years.   It's a very special place - bringing pleasure to many thousands of visitors each year - and the TFW team play an integral role in its continued success.
So come on down to the farm;  Enjoy a tour, find your new favourite fruit, relax and enjoy the rural setting;   Find out why we love the place....


See touch, taste, learn