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Miracle Fruit Show
miracle fruit show
No matter what time of the year it is, there is always an amazing variety of delicious fruit in season to sample at the Fruit Tasting Show. There is fruit to try that is stranger than fiction – the miracle fruit, the ice-cream bean, champagne fruit, chocolate pudding fruit, lemon meringue fruit, fruit from chewing gums trees, red dragon fruit, fruit like banana bubble gum, just to name a few. Visitors not only get to taste the fresh fruit in season, but the chutneys, jams, spreads, salad dressings and preserves that are absolutely unique to our plantation. The ones who enjoy this show the most are the ones with a spirit of adventure, the ones who are willing to try something right out of the ordinary. Then there are the down to earth tips on some exciting things to do with the old favourites such as avocados, papaws, custard apples, guavas, lychees or mangoes. This is a touch, taste and feel plantation experience, a chance to join in some fun for everyone.
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